About Me

I am an experienced Agile Full Stack Java Consultant with a passion for technology and innovation. My expertise lies in working with Java Spring Boot, Vue, Angular, React, Kubernetes, and CI/CD. I have a strong background in working on Agile Scrum projects and have worked in various roles, ranging from developer to architect and Scrum Master.


Experienced Full-Stack Developer: Creative, Analytical, and Driven


Tech Enthusiast

I have strong analytical skills and a natural curiosity that drives me to continually seek new and efficient solutions. I am capable of quickly grasping complex problems and translating them into practical and user-friendly solutions. I have a passion for technology and am always seeking new challenges and opportunities to further develop my skills.


Adaptive Leader

I’m a quick learner and can easily adapt to new technologies and work environments. My strong analytical skills and attention to detail enable me to work accurately and efficiently. I also have experience in leading teams and sharing my knowledge with others.


Effective Communicator

I am a strong communicator and can explain technical concepts clearly and comprehensibly to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. I am also highly results-oriented and always strive to deliver high-quality products that meet customer needs.


Happy Clients

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Amazing Experience

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Let’s talk about your project

I’m excited to understand your specific needs, whether it’s related to web, mobile, or software development, and work closely to bring your vision to life.